The Leadership Files is your essential guide to becoming a great leader in today’s world. Here, we present the latest leadership techniques and cutting-edge advice on the topic and confront the challenges that face today’s leaders in a way that is both entertaining and accessible.  

From securing the dream job to getting that vital promotion, from managing people in the modern work environment to influencing and dealing with change and complexity along the way, it’s all covered in this series!

Improve Your Influence Skills

Call now to book your place! In a world where change is a given and we interact constantly with multiple stakeholders, success is measured by how we create and maintain great inter personal relationships to drive business value.  Adopting a coaching style of influencing allows you to understand your stake holders

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Use Coaching Skills To Communicate Better

Improve your influence skills and learn to manage people better by employing valuable coaching skills like listening, probing and empowering which are so effective in the workplace. Call Natalie on 086 827 3284 for more information.  

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Leadership Ability: Nurture Or Nature?

Asking whether leadership ability is about hard work or raw talent, nature or nurture, is better for career development is a bit like asking whether the chicken or the egg came first. There is real merit in the question but it’s the answer that gets us a bit confused. For

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Looking To Become A Better Leader?

A new management training programme launches in Ireland: ‘The Leadership Rooms’! It offers a world class coaching format that blends the best of international and domestic leadership experience with development training. The programme empowers participants to bring out the best in themselves, in others and in their environment by optimising their leadership

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New Year Resolutions With Planning

“I can’t believe it’s been a year since I didn’t become a better person’. A sentiment that applies to most of us when it comes to our annual assessment of those New Year Resolutions we made and, once again, failed to keep. Of course, there’s nothing new in this. In

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