The Leadership Files is your essential guide to becoming a great leader in today’s world. Here, we present the latest leadership techniques and cutting-edge advice on the topic and confront the challenges that face today’s leaders in a way that is both entertaining and accessible.  

From securing the dream job to getting that vital promotion, from managing people in the modern work environment to influencing and dealing with change and complexity along the way, it’s all covered in this series!

How To Be A Great People Manager

It’s a well-known fact that the majority of people leave bosses and not companies with a recent survey from Gallup putting the figure at around 50%. While that hardly sounds like music to the ears of any leader or manager, it is the sort of statistic that they need to

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Your Relationship With Your Manager

The relationship with your manager can bring success and disappointment, joy and frustration. It affects our lives enormously, both on and off the pitch. It’s the relationship with the Boss. According to Gallup, at least 50% of us make some change to our working life as a direct result of

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An Exceedingly Good Question!

If you’ve had a session with a coach before, it’s likely that you’ll have been on the receiving end of probing, open-ended questions. These are designed for your coach or manager to open up a conversation with you and listen, rather than dominate the proceedings with advice. A really great

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Adapt Your Skills As You Progress

Adapt Your Skills As You Progress Professionally In my experience as a coach, I often hear people talk about having to adapt to change and adopt different skills as companies react to altering conditions. In these rapidly changing times, executives are increasingly finding themselves having to skill-up more, technically, or

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A New Career And A Spring In Your Step

A friend of mine launched her own business last year in a similar industry to mine. Like me, she had worked in the corporate world for many years. She warned me that life would be very different when I took that step and started to branch out on my own.

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