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Executive Coaching

As a senior executive your working life can be challenging and isolated. You absorb pressure from senior management and shareholders as well as front line teams. With the day-to-day challenges of running a business you carry a large amount of responsibility and every aspect of your performance is closely watched. The effects of the digital age call for a new kind of leadership.

How It Works

Our own experience in senior roles allows us to empathise with these challenges; we will work with you to:

  • hone your vision
  • create thorough strategic plans
  • execute with flourish

Depending on your goals, other areas to consider are:

  • mastering effective communication
  • networking to form relationships and create business opportunities
  • influence with ease to bring others around to your point of view.

The Benefits

Coaching can play a vital role in enabling you to benefit your organisation and yourself by becoming a better leader. Coaching sessions are conducted one to one and undertaken away from the office where possible to allow you to leave your day-to-day demands at the door. We stay in contact with you between sessions to provide ongoing support to continue to facilitate the developmental process. Tailored workshops on becoming an empathetic leader through deeper understanding of the importance of emotional intelligence are available. We can help you develop a more impactful presentation style to bring confidence and authenticity to your communication.

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Performance Coaching

We help you reach your full potential- working alongside you to understand your current performance, where you are and where you want to be. Whether you lead a team, manage projects, or have a client facing role, we’ll review feedback you’re receiving from your manager, peers and team to pinpoint your strengths and identify areas for improvement.

The Process

  • We’ll start by examining where you are, and then create goals for the direction you want to move in.
  • We’ll agree an action plan with practical steps to help you achieve your vision, and identify the resources you need to lean on as you progress.

Whether you work in a company with a strong culture of performance management, or you’ve never had a formal review, coaching will give you crucial awareness of how others see you, and will improve how you do your job.

Career Coaching

Finding clarity and direction in your professional life can mean seeking a new role or alternative career. Our deep experience in business and coaching will help you understand what you want and how to identify a path to success.

  • We start by getting to know you and getting a deep understanding of your current work situation- what gives you a spring in your step and what drags you down- by using 360 degree feedback and personality profiling.
  • We then craft goals around the stages required to find the new role, working with you step by step to enable greater self awareness, understand your career options and coach you in interview technique to land the job.

Ultimately our aim is to help you flourish and have impact by finding the path that gives you the most satisfaction. Our coaching style is solution-focused and is always accompanied by a clear action plan.

Need a Change? Looking For a New Job?

Need a Change? Looking For a New Job?

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Stuck Or Unhappy In Your Current Job?

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