Empowering Psychometric Profiling

When accompanied by coaching, Psychometric Profiling is a powerful way of improving leadership.

Empower leaders with invaluable insights that identify strengths and optimise development areas to enhance self awareness for impactful leadership growth.

The process is fundamental in closing gaps between how leaders see themselves and how others experience them, by throwing light on behaviours, styles and values.

Psychometric Tools

Leadership Development Coaching

360 Degree Feedback tools

The Leadership Circle is a psychometric personality profiling technique that assesses leadership effectiveness by measuring an individual’s behaviour and compares that person’s assumptions of themselves with feedback from others. It provides powerful insights for personal and team development.

Measuring Emotional Intelligence

EQi and ECR are tools used to assess the extent of an individual’s emotional intelligence, measuring competencies such as self-perception, self-expression, interpersonal skills, assertiveness and stress management. It is a powerful tool for personal and professional growth by giving leaders a better understanding of how to manage emotions in the workplace.

Understanding Personal Communication Styles

FIRO-B is a psychometric tool that measures an individual’s need to be recognised and included in group formats and one to one and to have control over situations and individuals. Colour Insights and DISC are personality models that help to understand behavioural styles to improve communication and team dynamics.

Ascertaining Strengths

Understanding personal strengths helps unlocks professional potential by enabling leaders to flourish as they flex the behaviours and skills they excel in. Gallup’s Clifton Strength’s Finder helps participants get crystal clear on who they are are.


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Mónica Angeli, Global Head of L&D TikTok

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