Get in contact on +353 86 827 3284 or email for an exploratory chat. Executive coaching and mentoring sessions are arranged to suit your time zone whether you’re based in America, Asia or Europe. Face to face sessions are held at our offices  at The Brickhouse, Mount Street, Dublin 2. 

The coaching process continues in and out of sessions – Natalie is on hand should any concerns or hurdles crop up during your working day. 100% confidentiality is guaranteed and a review of progress is built into the third session. Coaching and mentoring assignments last for an average of four to six sessions.


The process is highly individual and based around your goals, aspirations and challenges. For you to make practical and tangible progress, specific actions are agreed and kept relevant. To ensure the goals are always of utmost relevant frequent check-ins on progress are part of the process. A coaching plan combines goals with operational rigour and ensure the goals can become a reality. For example potential obstacles and resources are considered, and a timeline created for expected outcomes. Its a solution-focused process and requires commitment with a minimum of three sessions.