Empower your team to operate with greater clarity and passion, honing their particular strengths through our unique pragmatic and grounded coaching approach.
Executive Coaching Services - Natalie Bagnall

Executive Coaching

Coaching is a powerful developmental intervention. The coach acts as a sounding board to deepen self awareness, challenge coachees to address development areas and guide individuals to deal with complexity and challenge. We offer coaching grounded in world class techniques from an extensive business experience and endorsed by coaching accreditation.

Leadership Training Services - Natalie Bagnall

Leadership Training

Customised workshops empower leaders to upskill across a range of topics. Using client briefing and diagnosis we help you ascertain what your executives need and what challenges they face. This puts leaders at the centre of their personal development with a programme designed specifically to address your leaders’ needs.

Psycosometric Profiling Coaching Services - Natalie Bagnall - Feature

Psychometric Profiling

Psychometric profiling helps deepen self awareness and uncover blind spots. When leaders are tenured and senior, 360-degree profiling can be particularly useful as it provides anonymised feedback from peers, seniors and stakeholders across a variety of leadership competencies. It is one of the most powerful ways of improving leadership. The process can be fundamental in closing gaps between how a leader sees him/herself and how others experience his or her behaviours, styles and patterns.

Team Coaching Services - Natalie Bagnall Dublin


Team Coaching helps improve the way teams work together, it builds trust and accountability. It provides an interactive and psychologically safe approach that helps transform collaboration. Leaders experience new ways of communicating that they can embed once the coaching has come to an end. It helps teams identify priorities and creates more cohesive teams that are motivated, productive, and ready to adapt to new challenges.