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In many business situations, focusing on individual performance is not enough to improve the overall performance of a team. Other, often harder to pinpoint forces are causing a team to underperform.

Perhaps an individual believes they are the only one performing in the team and this has created tensions among other group members. Or a shyer or more introverted team player is feeling that they’ll never be able to speak-up or fully contribute to the team dynamic, and this has led to resentment or lack of motivation that is preventing the overall group from reaching its full potential.

Team coaching is a method that addresses team issues by focusing on openness and on building trust. It helps leaders and their teams work together to identify their shared goals and to achieve real business results by collectively developing strategies that drive a team’s success.

Our Team Coaching method involves a four step process

Leadership Development Coaching

The method works by helping leaders and their teams to improve their performance by addressing how their individual attitudes, assumptions and behaviours impact or impede on others in the team and how this, in turn, affects overall collective success.

Team coaching is founded on the idea that openness and honesty in a team-environment fosters trust, improves morale and builds commitment. This is achieved by facing up to areas of conflict more openly, by encouraging diverse opinion and by encouraging individuals to share information and ideas more readily.

This, in turn, develops the vital creativity, flexibility and insight that enables teams to become more dynamic and proactive, and to achieve their goals with greater ease.

1. Diagnostic

Using surveys, diagnostic tools and interviews we identify the core issues affecting the group.

2. Design

This is the awareness stage of the process whereby the group deepens their understanding of the particular goals uncovered in stage one.

3. Delivery

This is the stage where strategies are developed to address the issues raised in stages one and two. We use interactive coaching methods to ensure participation, and progression to actions.

4. Review & Iterate

This is the stage where the process is tried, tested and improved upon based on team feedback and progression of actions.


“Natalie was exceptional in pinpointing the content and the pace needed for our very demanding audience, sharing her experience in key areas. The results and feedback were at the top of the scale for our organisation.”

Mónica Angeli, Global Head of L&D TikTok

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