About Natalie

Natalie’s 25 years experience leading and coaching individuals in leadership roles has equipped her with a unique skillset to offer world-class coaching solutions to individuals and teams alike.

Natalie brings a pragmatic and grounded coaching approach that empowers individuals to flourish professionally and operate with greater clarity, purpose and passion.

Under her guidance, coachees discover ways to hone their own particular strengths as well as deepen their awareness of the triggers and patterns that hinder success.

Natalie Bagnall Coaching Business Executives Dublin

Adapting most recently to clients’ demands for innovation and change, Natalie has deepened her knowledge of the drivers of human behaviour and the dynamics of organisations.

Moving into the executive development space, she now provides professional coaching to corporate clients across a broad range of organisational, professional and personal development requirements.

The route to success

Key to the success of every engagement is to make coaching personal and targeted, and workshops engaging and transformational. The four principles below are designed to ensure that participants experience a programme that changes their mindset and their behaviours.

Customised and Personalised Partnership

Customised & Personalised Partnership

Whether for coaching or training, groups or individuals, there are no ‘off the shelf’ approaches. All interventions are tailored to the group’s culture and personality, leveraging our extensive business and executive development experience.

Continual Evaluation and Feedback

Continual Evaluation & Feedback

A track record of success is reflected in 100% favourable ratings. ‘’The best workshop we’ve attended’’(Rethink Ireland) and ‘You’ll walk away better for having met Natalie” (Google). We strive for excellence with ongoing reviews and subsequent edits and pivots.

Active Learning Coaching Business Ireland - Natalie Bagnall

Active Learning

Training is interactive and stimulating, fast-paced, peer-based and fun. Rapid on-the-job learning and personal growth is ensured in a psychologically safe and fun way. This approach offers sustained learning.

Practical and Relevant Coaching - Natalie Bagnall

Practical And Relevant

A unique series of powerful coaching and problem-solving workshop techniques is designed to take participants out of their comfort zone in a safe way, and ensure active learning immediately.


“Natalie adds value with her natural ability to cut through complexity and see things simply. She has a talent for dealing with people directly and authentically.”
Vivien Koh, VK Transformation
“A great mix of theory, group discussions and practical breakout session. Natalie’s years of experience set her apart from coaches who base their session on more academics.”
Carsten Grueber, Country Manager New Zealand at TikTok
“I loved Natalie’s style, she used different tools and techniques that I had not experienced before and it felt different. It made our experience more memorable and easy to bring back into my day-to-day practice.”
Rosie Valentine, Director of Communications

“Natalie was exceptional in pinpointing the content and the pace needed for our very demanding audience, sharing her experience in key areas. The results and feedback were at the top of the scale for our organisation.”

Mónica Angeli, Global Head of L&D TikTok
“Natalie has oodles of wisdom and an expansive knowledge of life, business, and the corporate world. This makes her a phenomenal support for leaders.”
Melissa Curry, Melissa Curry Jewellery

”Natalie got me thinking more deeply about my new and complex role, my leadership style and the relationships I needed to work on. She equipped me with useful techniques for breaking down problems and was an important sounding board for what was an isolated position. She helped me navigate sensitive and tense conversations, thinking through challenges and giving me the confidence to tackle them in my own way, so I could make the right impact at a really formative time in the new job”

Julia Kirby Smith, RightsInfo

”With an idea for a product post research and development phase I was ready to go to consumer market testing. My challenge was shaping it, preparing my go-to-market strategy and finding industry partners in what was a slow moving and traditional industry. Natalie quickly understood the product and the market and helped me with product development, the business plan and fund pitch preparation.”

Grace O'Rourke , Founder, Orquine

“Natalie is a rare combination of laser sharp acumen and practical, outcome-oriented mentality. Professional and efficient management of disparate intellectual challenges and personalities, as well as an ability to isolate the salient points of a discussion and shepherd a team to the right conclusions.”

Caterina Rigoni, Marketing Consultant, Costar

Coaching Credentials

  • Diploma in Executive Coaching from the IMI, Dublin

  • Advanced Diploma Business & Executive Coaching, UCD Michael Smurfit
  • Certified Practitioner MHS Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQi2.0)
  • Certified Practitioner The Leadership Circle
  • Certified Practitioner Prism Brain Mapping
  • Certified Practitioner Hogan
  • Coaching Constellations

  • Training Needs Design, Delivery & Evaluation QQI Level 6, Kingstown College

  • Gestalt Coaching Skills, Academy of Executive Coaching, UK

Leadership Qualifications

  • Leading Through Complexity – Cultivating Leadership

  • Google Leadership Lab – The Energy Project & Google

  • Leadership Impact & Presence – SNP

  • Cornerstone Sales Leadership – SBR

  • Advanced Negotiation – Stuart Diamond

  • Advanced Presentation & Storytelling – Make Yourself

  • Chairing a Board – Broadly Speaking (Margaret Ward)

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