With over 25 years’ experience in commercial leadership roles Natalie Bagnall has built and led powerful commercial cultures ensuring high revenue growth for organisations in emerging and saturating markets, new and traditional media.

Natalie was most recently a Director in Google where she led international sales teams in EMEA. This was a complex, international and fast-moving culture where teams were responsible for digitalising large brand advertisers with online media products.

Adapting more recently to clients’ demands for innovation and change, Natalie has deepened her knowledge of the drivers of human behaviour and the dynamics of organisations. Moving into the executive development space, she now provides professional coaching to clients across a broad range of organisational and personal development requirement


Sometimes it’s not easy to understand why your working life is making you unhappy or anxious. Perhaps your strengths are not being used to their potential or your values are not being met. Coaching will help you understand what makes you tick professionally, what’s essential for you in a career and how to consider alternative career paths.


Your role carries unique complexities and challenges. Unconventional reporting lines, managing teams of salaried-staff and volunteers, building good relationships with founders, and the ambiguities of working with non-executives or trustees bring challenges that other leadership roles don’t have. Coaching can help you to improve your influencing skills and support you in the crucial move from operations to strategic leadership.


Rather than covering up gaps in your CV for time taken out to raise a family, build up a new skill or look after an older relative, these are enriching periods in our life that give us advantages over others. Creating the narrative around these periods to to position life’s experiences appropriately to future employers is an essential stage before you nail that important interview and land the job!


As a senior leader the stakes are high; you have expectations of yourself and a sense of responsibility to your company and your team. Coaching will support you to be successful, help catch you when things get rocky, and navigate the transition rapidly to accelerate performance


Get in touch if you want to create a personal brand, improve your ability to be an effective presenter, or if your role requires that you work with complex projects. We have specific techniques and themed coaching sessions for these areas.


First impressions are important- with your new manager, colleagues and clients. You have a new culture to learn and mistakes to avoid. Contact us to learn more about how this specially formulated package will help you maintain the confidence and determination you displayed during the interview process (and check out our Endorsements page)

• Executive Coaching is a powerful developmental experience helping you to become more effective, confident and fulfilled in your leadership role. One to one consultations are tailor-made to focus on your specific professional challenges and aspirations
• Whether you’re embarking on a new management role or seeking your first board position, its important to identify the values that influence your professional life. Practical steps are offered to reach your career pinnacle
• Leaders are expected to control their emotions and bury vulnerability – understanding in depth the factors that cause self-doubt is key to gaining greater self awareness, an important step to finding a rewarding career
• Natalie’s experience in global digital and media leadership offers access to cutting edge leadership theory, and advanced coaching techniques, to improve your performance. With pragmatic and solution-focused advice, you will recognise what works for you in your working day and how to do more of it, and to stop doing what’s not working- all in a completely confidential, empathetic environment

Natalie’s Coaching Credentials

  • Diploma in Executive Coaching from the IMI, Dublin
  • Advanced Diploma Business & Executive Coaching, UCD Michael Smurfit
  • Certified MHS Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQi2.0), CS Growth
  • Training Needs Identification & Design QQI Level 6, Kingstown College
  • Training Delivery & Evaluation QQI Level 6, Kingstown College
  • Gestalt Coaching Skills, Academy of Executive Coaching, UK

Natalie’s Leadership Qualifications

  • Leading Through Complexity- Cultivating Leadership
  • Google Leadership Lab- The Energy Project & Google
  • Leadership Impact & Presence- SNP
  • Cornerstone Sales Leadership- SBR
  • Advanced Negotiation- Stuart Diamond
  • Advanced Presentation & Storytelling- Make Yourself
  • Chairing A Board – Broadly Speaking (Margaret Ward)
  • Higher Diploma Business Studies, Oxford Brookes University