Google Coaching Services - Natalie Bagnall

No one can be expected to commit to a cause if they don’t know what it stands for in the first place. The Consulting Team in Google is a group of digital marketing professionals who support the business by transferring temporary resource support in and out of different departments across the organisation as a business need arises. The challenge for the Team is to communicate anew their function’s value proposition to the receiving host department every time the opportunity arises and to do it in a rapid, clear, and compelling way.

The Solution

Natalie used her skill in facilitating groups, and its knowledge of creating a marketing brand proposition, to help the team. She proposed a dual process: a personal branding workshop to create personal elevator pitches and a communication workshop to practice compelling value propositions in a group forum. Each output was personalised so each participant left the workshop with an individual plan to work more effectively with their host department and overcome personal communication challenges.

The Method

Natalie shared theory on branding and communication and used team coaching in a creative and interactive space. Time was tight – they had to facilitate the session and embed the knowledge in two sessions of just two hours. Natalie used a collection of techniques – a personal brand survey ahead of the session, speed 1-1s to establish trust, peer feedback in groups to enable relevant feedback and a fly-on-the-wall technique to encourage debate and provide a real-life platform to communicate in the moment. This was all done in less than five hours.

The Result

“Natalie was extremely well organised and one of the best communicators we’ve had the pleasure of working with. We would thoroughly recommend her services to anyone that is keen on team development and executive coaching. Natalie has all the qualities that you would look for: encouraging, approachable, practical, thinking of every possible scenario and outcome.”

“In my opinion, she’s found her true calling and you’ll walk away better for having met her.”

“Natalie was super proactive in the development of the content for each workshop and delivery was backed up with proven theory. The opportunities for ‘action learning’ were highly appreciated. Natalie brought her many years of marketing communications and sales experience directly into each session and really challenged participants to think deeply and be open with their inputs.”

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