The Leadership Files is your essential guide to becoming a great leader in today’s world. Here, we present the latest leadership techniques and cutting-edge advice on the topic and confront the challenges that face today’s leaders in a way that is both entertaining and accessible.  

From securing the dream job to getting that vital promotion, from managing people in the modern work environment to influencing and dealing with change and complexity along the way, it’s all covered in this series!

Emma Puts The Interview Advice To Good Use

After months of rumour, a major supermarket chain finally published the launch of its graduate management program in Ireland. Five regional management roles were to be created and Emma, currently working in a temporary retail position after graduating with an honours degree in Food Science, was determined to get the

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Interviews: Let The Real You Shine Through

Doing a job interview is a bit like going on a first date. For the job interview to go well, you know you need to present the absolute best version of yourself but at the end of the day it’s not for you to decide how good that version is!

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A Serialised Guide To Climbing The Ladder

Welcome to ‘’The Leadership Files’’- a new serialised guide to becoming a great leader in today’s challenging business world. Continue to check out this site for a comprehensive appraisal of the very latest thinking in leadership management techniques and receive words of wisdom on the topic from vastly experienced leadership professionals.

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