Performance coaching will help you reach your full potential by understanding your current performance, and the gaps to where you want to be. This sounds simple but habits form over time and stand in the way of flexing new skills, or addressing development areas.

Whether you lead a team or manage a project, work with other groups or important clients, the feedback you get from your manager, your peers, your team and your stakeholders is hugely beneficial to pinpoint your strengths and identify the areas that need improvement.

A good start is to understand where you are, and then create goals for the direction you want to move in. An action plan will support your journey, with practical steps to help you achieve your vision, and identify the resources you need to lean on as you progress.

Whether you work in a company with a strong culture of performance management, or one where you’ve never had a formal performance review, performance coaching will give you that crucial awareness of how others see you, and will improve how you do your job. If you work in a culture where getting feedback is not the norm, coaching can help you to deeper self awareness with personality profiling and insights through behavourial driver analysis.