Looking To Become A Better Leader?

A new management training programme launches in Ireland: ‘The Leadership Rooms’! It offers a world class coaching format that blends the best of international and domestic leadership experience with development training. The programme empowers participants to bring...

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A Higher Resolution!

A systematic approach to planning your year increases the chances of you fulfilling all your New Year resolutions "I can't believe it's been a year since I didn't become a better person." That's a sentiment that probably applies to most of us when it comes to our...

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How To Get On With Your Manager

It’s a relationship that can bring success and disappointment, joy and frustration. It affects our lives enormously, both on and off the pitch. It's the relationship with the Boss. According to Gallup, at least 50% of us make some change to our working life as a...

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An Exceedingly Good Question!

If you’ve had a session with a coach before, it’s likely that you’ll have been on the receiving end of probing, open-ended questions. These are designed for your coach or manager to open up a conversation with you and listen, rather than dominate the proceedings with...

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”What Got You Here….”

In my experience as a coach I often hear people talk about having to adapt to change and adopt different skills as companies react to altering conditions. In these rapidly changing times, executives are increasingly finding themselves having to skill-up more,...

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A Spring In Your Step

A friend of mine launched her own business last year in a similar industry to mine. Like me, she had worked in the corporate world for many years. She warned me that life would be very different when I took that step and started to branch out on my own. As I'd never...

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Moving On Up!

I recently moved from my role as Sales Director in Google after a ten-year career in the iconic tech giant, a journey that had afforded me a highly satisfying professional path. The decision to leave had not been an easy one but no one can do the same thing for ever...

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Looking After Your Mental Health At Work

I've always been interested in mental well being in the working environment and last week I attended an excellent presentation by Dr Harry Barry, medical doctor and mental health specialist, at the Institute of Directors. Barry discussed emotional resilience and...

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