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Taking A Risk. Challenge Accepted!

Research suggest that newly promoted Directors are among the most demotivated. After all the effort to get promoted it’s normal to feel anticlimactic.

I felt this after I secured my own promotion, I needed to regain the fire in the belly that reflected my own personal mantra of ‘’Bite off More Than You Can Chew Then Chew Like F***’’.

So I pitched an idea to my seniors: swap me with another director into a different department on a pilot rotation. I could spread sales knowledge to the more technical host department and return to my more pioneering sales team with deeper product knowledge. My replacement would do the reverse. Everyone would benefit and when the learnings were gathered it would raise everyone’s game. They agreed and we swapped.

What was I thinking?

Honestly, it was tough, my skills didn’t translate as easily as I thought. I felt out of my comfort zone in a way I didn’t entirely enjoy, but I knew I had to go all out to make it work.

After the six months was up, I rotated back to my original department with a huge sigh of relief. With time to reflect though, I had to admit that the experience had changed me – and changed me for the better. I met some wonderful people and I certainly learned a lot.

Perhaps the most important thing I learned was that my mantra needed to adapt to ‘’Bite off More Than You Can Chew Then Chew Like F*** – but be prepared that it may be an acquired taste!’’

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