S T E M- Workshop 1: Self - Deepening Personal Awareness

This module will focus on improving your personal leadership style, particularly in these unprecedented times and advise you how to: 

  • Best confront your business challenges in a post – Covid scenario where you are most likely to be out of your ‘comfort zone’
  • Improve your self awareness and leverage capabilities to better understand your leadership skills and potential
  • Criticaly assess well being and balance factors to correctly identify and understand what makes you and your team work best

A series of workshops for tech sector companies in Ireland

Workshop 2: TEAM - Building Team Insight

A series of workshops for tech sector companies in Ireland

  • As individuals have had to adapt to different ways of working , the team’s style and dynamic has also been forced to adapt for better or for worse. This module deals with such issues as:
  • Team personality profiling, style awareness, leveraging collective strengths and coping better under pressure.
  • Auditing the gap between current and desired team success
  • Building the team’s collective nourishment and well-being needs. 

Workshop 3: ENGAGE - Rejuvenate The Spirit


Having identified how the team dynamic has changed, this module explores the ‘Shift’- how it can move forward with renewed confidence in its own capability and in that of its leader.

It will examine such topics as:

  • Exploring your organisation’s purpose and how to adapt post-Covid
  • Articulating the team’s learning from the recent disequilibrium
  • Connecting remotely, re-building trust and moving towards peak performance 

A series of workshops for tech sector companies in Ireland

Workshop 4 - MOTIVATE: Innovate & Collaborate

A series of workshops for tech sector companies in Ireland

MOTIVATE: Innovate & Collaborate

A team coaching session focusing on team design and agile thinking to stimulate innovation and collaboration. Here we will identify what to use from what we’ve learnt in the last three workshops to good effect in the workplace.

  • Bringing the learnings about self and team together
  • Creating new team energy in a differently connected world
  • Maintaining motivation and spontaneity


A Tool Kit To Takeaway

In order to revisit the approaches and solutions developed during the workshop, we will also provide a number of practical ‘how-to’ tools to refer to when back in the workplace, for example:

  • Getting the best out of your team with a coaching style of management
  • Operating in a peer-feedback culture
  • Dealing with complexity
  • Creating innovation models to transform your business.
  • Offering a ‘measurement of change tool’ to track the effectiveness of the workshops’ output.

Participants will receive individual and team personality profiling in a visual, digitalised tool