Looking After Your Mental Health At Work

I’ve always been interested in mental well being in the working environment and last week I attended an excellent presentation by Dr Harry Barry, medical doctor and mental health specialist, at the Institute of Directors. Barry discussed emotional resilience and managing anxiety and spoke convincing about the difference between depression and anxiety, suggesting four ways to deal with mental health with your teams: 1. Is the individual in the right job? Feeling out of place in the office increases anxiety and displacement. 2. Managers should provide information on depression and anxiety and leave leaflets and books lying around the office environment 3. Be empathetic- understanding and kindness speak volumes 4. If an employee requests time out of work for mental health reasons be sure to take the pressure off immediately…..rather than asking about return dates.

And healthy habits for the family? All electronic devices turned off and in a central position in the house by 10.30pm.

Easier said than done but I am trying…