”…Natalie has an ability to ask exactly the right question to unlock self-awareness enabling a greater knowledge of the behaviours standing in the way of great leadership. Good strategic suggestions to improve performance and a deep psychological understanding on why we behave as we do. Natalie is unique in this way as a result of her extensive business and coaching experience”


Senior Marketing Manager, Google

“Natalie was instrumental in a significant crossroads in my career. I needed to move on from, what I thought at the time, was my dream job, to an unknown opportunity. She was my ‘lighthouse’ during that period by listening, coaching and guiding me through alternatives. It was an extremely difficult time for me and Natalie helped me to navigate it successfully by building back up my self-confidence. I knew at the time Natalie was a great coach from her work in Google but now I can talk from my own experience and highly recommend her as an professional executive coach.”

Global Vendor Manager, Google

”The sessions were insightful and illuminating…. the coaching highlighted particular attributes about myself that I had ignoring in the past. Natalie was intuitive, down-to-earth and with a calm demeanour. I’m certain about switching careers as a result of the sessions with her”


Digital Client Lead, Online Advertising Agency

My professional life would not be the same without Natalie as my coach! I wanted to change career and she helped me prepare for this transition and support me throughout all the process. She was a vital resource to me with her endless energy during every session. I cannot thank her enough for her insight, support and belief.

Emma, Senior Account Director, Tech Company

”Natalie is a great listener and she got me think to more deeply about my new and complex role, my leadership style and the relationships I needed to work on. She also equipped me with some useful techniques for breaking down problems and was an important sounding board for what was an isolated position in the organisation. She helped me navigate some sensitive and tense conversations,  thinking through challenges and giving me the confidence to tackle them in my own way, so I could make the right impact at a really formative time in the new job”

Chief Executive, London-based Charity

”Natalie gave me the confidence and the ability to do my job better. Her approach allowed me to think through decisions for myself with a new perspective”


Government Agency Manager, Department of Social Protection

Natalie coached me for over two years helping me navigate a number of career challenges including organisational restructuring as well as a return to work after maternity leave. Her solid understanding of the complex commercial world, underpinned by her successful business career,  gives her a unique ability to distill a problem into its essence to give great clarity of thinking, helping steer my career in the right direction while remaining focused on maintaining balance and happiness.


Senior Marketing Manager, Financial Services

With an idea for a product post research and development phase I was ready to go to consumer market testing. My challenge was shaping it, preparing my go-to-market strategy and finding industry partners in what was a slow moving and traditional industry.

Natalie quickly understood the product and the market and helped me with product development, the business plan and fund pitch preparation.

Grace O'Rourke, Founder, Orquine

Names have been edited to maintain anonymity

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